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The Usual Suspects Drinking Game Rules


Are you looking to add an exciting twist to your next movie night? Look no further! Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of The Usual Suspects with our carefully curated collection of drinking game rules. Join forces with your friends as you follow along the suspenseful journey of this iconic crime film. With our easy-to-follow instructions and a drink in hand, you'll be guaranteed an unforgettable evening filled with suspense, laughter, and, of course, some well-deserved sips of your favorite beverage. Get ready to decipher the mystery and take your movie night to the next level with The Usual Suspects drinking game rules. Let the games begin!

The Usual Suspects Drinking Game Rules:

  • Take a sip every time Kevin Spacey's character, Verbal Kint, is seen smoking.
  • Drink whenever a new twist or revelation is revealed.
  • Take a sip when any character says "Kobayashi".
  • Drink every time a character mentions "Keyser Söze".
  • Take a sip every time Detective Rabin says "Gimme the keys, you fucking cocksucker."
  • Drink every time a character is shown looking suspicious.
  • Take a sip when any character is seen drinking alcohol.
  • Drink when Verbal Kint's limp is shown or mentioned.
  • Take a sip every time the phrase "Who is Keyser Söze?" is mentioned.
  • Drink when Verbal Kint's storytelling style changes or shifts.

About the Movie

Title: The Usual Suspects

Released: 16 Aug 1995

Rated: R

Runtime: 106 min

Genre: Crime

Plot: The sole survivor of a pier shoot-out tells the story of how a notorious criminal influenced the events that began with five criminals meeting in a seemingly random police lineup.

Language: English, Hungarian, Spanish, French

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