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Old School Drinking Game Rules


Get ready to tap into your college nostalgia with our collection of Old School drinking games! As you relive the hilarity of this iconic comedy, we'll guide you through fun-filled rules to make any movie night unforgettable. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the frat-house antics or just looking for a new way to enjoy this film with friends, our specially tailored drinking games will elevate your experience. So grab your favorite beverage, gather your crew, and prepare for a wild ride, as we bring you the ultimate Old School drinking games that are guaranteed to keep the laughs – and drinks – flowing. Remember to drink responsibly and ensure everyone playing is of legal drinking age. Cheers to a night of classic comedy and casual competition!

Old School Drinking Game Rules:

  • Take a sip whenever:

    • Frank the Tank is referred to by his nickname.
    • Anyone says "We're going streaking!"
    • There's a reference to someone being old or too old for something.
    • You see someone chugging a beer at a party.
    • Mitch is called "The Godfather."
    • You hear the word "fraternity" or "frat."
  • Drink for the duration of:

    • Any time a character is giving a speech at a podium.
    • The tranquilizer dart scene until Frank falls into the pool.
    • The debate scene, from the start until it concludes.
  • Take a big gulp when:

    • The wedding band plays a song.
    • Blue is on screen.
    • The team completes an event in the "Olympiad."
  • Finish your drink if:

    • The fraternity successfully wins the evaluation.
    • Frank the Tank decides to go streaking alone.
    • When the movie ends.

About the Movie

Title: Old School

Released: 21 Feb 2003

Rated: R

Runtime: 88 min

Genre: Comedy

Plot: Three friends attempt to recapture their glory days by opening up a fraternity near their alma mater.

Language: English

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