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Friday Drinking Game Rules


Dive into the hilarious world of Craig and Smokey with our Friday movie drinking game—a guaranteed hit for your next movie night! Designed for fans of the iconic '95 comedy, our rules will enhance your viewing experience as you laugh along with the unforgettable antics of Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. Easy to follow and packed with fun, this drinking game is perfect for both first-time watchers and Friday aficionados. Get your drinks ready, hit play, and enjoy a sip of entertainment as you immerse yourself in the neighborhood shenanigans that never get old. So gather your friends, prep your favorite beverages, and let's get the party started with the ultimate Friday drinking game!

Friday Drinking Game Rules:

  • Take a generous sip whenever Smokey says "You got knocked the f*** out!"
  • Take a sip each time Craig's dad brings up the bathroom or uses it.
  • Take a long drink anytime the phrase "Bye, Felicia" is said.
  • Drink for the duration of any scene where Smokey is smoking.
  • Take a sip whenever someone mentions "the job" Craig got fired from.
  • Drink whenever a character is visibly frustrated with Smokey.
  • Take a sip each time the ice cream truck is in a scene.
  • Drink any time someone says "It's Friday, you ain't got no job..."
  • Take a sip when Craig's sister Dana is on screen berating him.
  • Drink whenever Deebo appears and causes trouble.
  • Take a sip if the character Ezal is seen trying to scam or steal.
  • Drink each time Craig and his crush, Debbie, share a moment.
  • Take a sip every time Smokey talks about or references money he owes.
  • Drink anytime someone takes a hit from the joint, excluding Smokey.
  • Take a sip when Big Worm appears on screen, or on a phone call.
  • Drink anytime the film's iconic background music kicks in.

About the Movie

Title: Friday

Released: 26 Apr 1995

Rated: R

Runtime: 91 min

Genre: Comedy

Plot: It's Friday, and Craig and Smokey must come up with $200 they owe a local bully or there won't be a Saturday.

Language: English

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