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Bring It On Drinking Game Rules


Welcome to our page of Bring It On drinking game rules! If you're a fan of this cheerleading comedy film and are looking to spice up your movie night, then you've come to the right place. Get ready to raise your glass and cheer along as we guide you through a series of fun and exciting drinking game rules. Whether you're watching Bring It On for the first time or reciting every memorable line by heart, our drinking game will add an extra level of enjoyment to your viewing experience. So grab your favorite beverage, gather your friends, and let's bring it on with this epic drinking game!

Bring It On Drinking Game Rules:

  • Take a sip every time a cheerleader performs a high-flying stunt.
  • Take a sip whenever the main character, Torrance, says the phrase "spirit fingers."
  • Take a sip whenever a cheer squad performs a perfectly synchronized dance routine.
  • Take a sip every time the "Clovers" (rival cheer squad) appear on screen.
  • Take a sip whenever a character shouts a cheer or chant.
  • Take a sip whenever a cheerleader falls or stumbles during a routine.
  • Take a sip whenever Torrance's boyfriend, Aaron, is shown supporting her at cheer events.
  • Take a sip whenever the Clovers mention the importance of cultural appropriation in the cheerleading world.
  • Take a sip whenever a character gets injured while performing a cheer stunt.
  • Take a sip whenever the Toros (Torrance's cheer squad) face a setback or obstacle in their journey to win the championship.

About the Movie

Title: Bring It On

Released: 25 Aug 2000

Rated: PG-13

Runtime: 98 min

Genre: Comedy

Plot: A champion high school cheerleading squad discovers its previous captain stole all their best routines from an inner-city school and must scramble to compete at this year's championships.

Language: English

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